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Want to grow your business or learn how to become an entrepreneur? You’re in the right place! This section of my site is just for YOU, my awesome entrepreneur girl family. I’m pretty stoked you’re here. Below, view my library of free resources, like e-books, templates, and worksheets, that will help you grow your online business, balance work & family, and create a life you love! Be sure and check back regularly... this puppy gets updated quite often because I’m always creating new, free resources, just for you.

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Blogging didn't come natural for me, so I created a "cheat sheet" to make sure they were finished and optimized. By using this handy checklist each time you create new content, you'll know that you are covered!

How can you grow your website, social media, or blog? Here is the way that I got 100 subscribers in my first 30 days! Use these tips and grow yours, too.

New to private labeling? Dealing with suppliers can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know what to ask. Here is a list of my most basic questions and how I get started with a new supplier.

This is the worksheet I use with all my consulting clients. This is a great tool to really identify the direction, problem areas, and immediate needs. One of my faves!

These 14 items encompass all areas of my life that I want to reflect on, consider, and include in my planning. It's the "everything", "big picture", "brain dump" and 1st step in your Goal Planning!

Many e-commerce sellers are unsure of the ranking system and how to use it to make buying decisions. Here is my personal ranking cheat sheet that I use on the different categories, including books.

Here is an example of a letter template that you can use when contacting wholesale companies in your area. 

What you do today (and every day) defines where and how you end up. So if you want to know the #1 way to make your dreams a reality... this is it!

What you do today (and every day) defines where and how you end up. So if you want to know the #1 way to make your dreams a reality... this is it!

I am a big believer that if you have a very clear vision of where you want to go, then the rest is much easier. This is why I use these worksheets to help me crystallize my goals in my head. Then I can sit back and attack :)

Learn how to make goals that stick! The reason some goals fade away without being accomplished, is mainly due to the issues addressed in this page. Rock it now that you know!

Would you like to sell other people's product? The consignment business can be a profitable venture. Here is the agreement I use with my clients. I am not an attorney, so alter to fit your needs.

An outline for writing a solid blog post. Use it as a base, add to it, and make it your own!

This is my budget worksheet that I redo annually. It is important to have a personal and business budget, so that you are aware of in & out flow.

This is a "loose" time frame as to what you can plan for during the private label process. Of course, there are many, many variables... but this gives you a rough idea.

This is my "checklist" for each product I am considering as a Private Label Item. 

The easiest business plan... just two pages of basic considerations to get you going on starting your business. Sometimes in an effort to make everything we perfect, we don't do it at all. Get busy!

This resource helps walk you through the branding process for your company. Create a company that everyone loves to be a part of!!

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