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I’m a small-town girl, University of Florida business graduate, mom of eight, and a LOVER of adventure & travel. I believe in BIG dreams, and the people behind them, which is why I started this company.

Most days you'll find me hanging out with my kids, working in my home office, and hitting my home gym. I'm known for being a one stop shop for all things business and for advocating business around life (not the other way around).

I'm organized like a freak, yet live to be spontaneous. I enjoy a glass of wine while gazing at the stars, singing silly songs while cooking dinner, and listening to country music while packing my bag for the next fun adventure :)

My business style is raw, real, and authentic. I believe we can learn a lot from each other and learn best when we can relate. I'm not perfect, and don't feel any more professional by trying to be... you can learn as much by my mistakes as you can by my successes (and there's certainly plenty of both). I keep the information fun, simple, and useful. 

My favorite thing about working from home?

We only have one life. Let's make it count. I will help you reach your dreams, as I'm gobbling up my own. If you've decided you want to be an online entrepreneur, then I want to be the one that you go to for trusted advice. I want to be the one to help you find your way, in business and in life, and I promise to make you laugh every step of the way. 

no boss. no alarm clock. no ceiling.


business consultant + influencer + educator + author + speaker + coach

our motto:

We choose to live by choice, not by chance.
We charge towards a better life, not watch it idly.

We are fueled by fear, not trapped by it.
We will make changes, not excuses.

We tell ourselves that we are enough,
for we know that we are.

We play big, not small.
We shine, not shrink.
We strive to impact lives outside of our own.

We are unique leaders, not followers.
We have tough skin, with scars of our circumstance,
which we proudly display and show others how to navigate.

We listen to our inner voice and trust ourselves.
We will create what we desire, and change what we detest.

We are strong.
We are powerful.

Not just some of us.
All of us.

as a culture of fanatic doer's!


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based in pine island, Florida 


my favorite books

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my favorite things

• Michael Hyatt Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World
• Timothy Ferriss The 4-Hour Workweek
• James Redfield The Celestine Prophecy
• Darren Hardy The Compound Effect
• Gary Chapman The Five Love Languages
• Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich
• Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad
• Barbara Stanny Secrets of Six-Figure Women
• Joel Osteen Your Best Life Now
• Rachel Hollis Girl, Wash Your Face
• The Bible
• David Ogilvy Ogilvy On Advertising
• Al Ries The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding
• Seth Godin This Is Marketing
• Jen Sincero You Are A Bada**

• Travel is my most favorite thing in the world! (well, besides my husband and kids...)
• Spending time with my extended family in Indiana. I feel so loved there ❤ they rock!
• River rafting, ziplining, hiking and yep! ... anything active or exciting
• Cheese and chocolate-- together!
• Pj's, a movie, and pizza delivery 
• The color pink (you probably knew that)
• Playing the flute and taking photos
• A good steak
• Candles. Everywhere. 
• Coffee, LOTS  of coffee
• Scrapbooking Memories
• Reading a book in the bathtub

Entrepreneur Girl® wouldn't be where it is today, if it wasn't for the hard work and sheer determination of our team. 

You can find us working hard at our computers,
making every second count
 (or drawing funny faces on each other)!

...and our team always!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Family first 

Tech Guru

Big Cheese

Photo Ninja

Media Boss

Most of our childhoods are spent excited and energetic. We race towards our BIG goals.
There is nothing we can’t do!

Yet, somewhere along the way, we stop shooting for those awesome goals. We stop believing in ourselves and
our ability to ever make them happen in the first place.

We give up.

Life has a way of beating us up a little... doesn't it?
And in the process we lose ourself, fall deep into the rut of the 9-5, kids and bills,
and end up with a nagging sense that we were made for more than what we've become.

All of us have had hardships that we have had to endure.
We have all been broken to some degree, and we can all get a little bit lost sometimes.
I will help you move forward regardless of past struggles... and become better because of what you faced!

The success of Entrepreneur Girl®
 didn't happen because I am special, gifted, smart, at the right place at the right time, wealthy, well connected, the perfect gender, the perfect age, or the perfect look
 ...because I'm none of those things.

I slowly built the Entrepreneur Girl® brand from nothing, but an idea in my head.
Sheer determination and the ability to 
persevere through my trials and shortcomings,
 were the only traits that got me there.

 In fact, the whole idea of working from home seemed too good to be true to me.
I had NO idea how to set up a business and I was CONSUMED with fear that I would fail.

Still... the draw of traveling the world, being home with my family, and having financial security, and the FREEDOM to make more money, have more time, and be my own boss... continued to motivate me to trade in my previous elementary school teacher and medic training... for a business degree. I then started my company with $200
 in my bank account and a willingness to figure things out along the way. 

One consistent step, habit, and idea at a time.

THAT'S the truth.
THAT'S the secret.
Those steps? THAT'S what I'm going to show YOU how to do.

Because you and I are more alike than you may realize...

We both have to work through the failures and successes, the launches and the burnout...
in order to create a life and a business we love. 

That’s why I share the dirty details of my life in my book- so you'll be encouraged.

That's why I made the business training courses for you- so you'll know the exact steps.

I want you to overcome your
obstacles (whatever they are!) and reach your goals (all of them!).


So, here’s the truth, and I hope you hear it with your whole heart...

become who you were meant to be

I believe in you.
Like... really.

When I hear your stories, and think of my own, I marvel at the human spirit;
that when knocked down, it finds its best self.

The difficulties you face make you sad and angry,
but they also make you determined and fearless.

 Having nothing to lose, you are able to strive for things that you would have never attempted
 without those experiences.

 I know that for me, and probably you, too... struggles force us to take a step back,
 inhale deeply, and re-evaluate why we are doing what we are doing, and who we are as a person.

How ironic that our problems would become our passions,
and our obstacles would become our biggest assets...
enabling us with power, direction, and clarity to take back the freedom of our life,
and re-navigate it to where we want it to be.

I thank God every-single-day for His direction, for my being alive,
 and for the opportunity to share everything I've learned with you! 












A look back...

the real person timeline to overnight success 

read that: work ridiculously hard for 10 years
 (+ power through some crazy life events) 

the recession devastated our family finances

went back to school for a business degree

pregnancy with 7th child

graduated from the University Of Florida

started stock trading

started selling used household items on ebay

my father went into hospice care

grew ebay business into three stores

diagnosed with thyroid cancer

year long heart+lung recovery from embolism

gave birth to my 8th and final child

Amazon, Etsy, poshmark, & marketplace stores

eg opens all social media platforms

20,000 subscribers on Youtube

my whole family caught coronavirus

entrepreneur girl expands into 20+ countries

45,000 subscribers on Youtube

social media continues to grow organically

began website design + branding services

built a Design & Development Team

 contracts with my first 4 large companies

surgery + infusions to fix my severe anemia

began speaking at schools and events

started coaching clients on e-commerce

kept my head down and worked hard

my father dies & takes a piece of me with him

began working with small companies

struggled to get balance after thyroid removal

flash flood damaged my newly purchased farmhouse

started youtube channel

developed entrepreneur girl website

branded and trademarked entrepreneur girl

suffered a massive pulmonary embolism 

to shoulder

I stand with you

it's time to change your life!

Let's connect!

Well, I did discover my purpose, reject the 9-5 work model, and commit to having more time to play, travel, and be with those I love, by creating ten successful online income streams and an International brand.

I took all the lessons learned through those past hurdles and developed a plan for
“my perfect life”, committing myself not only to building a business,
but also to loving my life and balancing my responsibilities.

I wanted to have fun and feel passionate again, and to guide others to do the same;
I wanted to show how to juggle the everyday demands of work and family life;
I wanted to demonstrate how an inexperienced, ordinary person can overcome extraordinary obstacles
and succeed beyond imagination...

and I wanted to lay out the steps so that you could do it, too!

I have finally learned to incorporate back into my life,
all the things that make me feel truly alive... 
 things like travel, adventure, and experiencing new things.

Just last year (as of this writing), I went skydiving, river rafting, rode a mechanical bull,
and zip-lined through the Blue Ridge Mountains.
 In just the last two months, I have visited Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Indiana, and Texas (twice). I have been blessed to be able to make memories with my children, while visiting 49 of the 50 states, Canada, and Mexico.

Yet, in order to do these activities, a business must be flexible and financially sound,
and it must be online, so that I can work from anywhere in the world...
doing any activity I desire…
all from my backpack.

So never again, will I have a one week vacation,
or work long hours building someone else’s dream.

Never again will I give up on my dreams (or myself).

The road to becoming an internet entrepreneur wasn't always easy,
but it led to the greatest gift of all…

building a business around a life I love! 

so how are things now?

1. What trophies sit on your shelf?

5. What do you do when stressed?

7. My go-to outfit is:

    a. yoga pants and a tank

    b. jeans and a tee

    c. anything from a designer 

    d. a dress & heels

8. I am deathly afraid of:

    a. public speaking

    b. heights

    c. flying

    d. roaches

2. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3. Most likely to binge watch: 

   a. girlboss 

   b. the voice
   c. the bachelor

   d. house hunters

4. The best title I have: 

   a. entrepreneur girl 

   b. blogger
   c. mommy

   d. professional coffee drinker

6. Someday I want to: 


cheerleading + basketball +
 halfmarathon + bowling

 pizza pizza pizza

write a bunch of books

order pizza + rent a movie
 + nestle in my pjs

"it's true what they say, life isn't about finding yourself...
it's about creating yourself!"

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